Matthew Hawtin




2010 - present Resides in Windsor, Canada
2009 Moves to Berlin, Germany
2002 Moves to London, UK
1979 Emigrates to Windsor, Canada
1972 Born in Banbury, UK
2008 - present MSc. Sustainable Development, University of Surrey, UK.
2003 MA Art in Architecture, University of East London, London, UK.
1994 B.F.A. York University, Toronto, Canada.
1991 Newcastle Polytechnic, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK.
Solo Exhibits  
2012 RED Gallery, London, UK
2010 Independant Space, Berlin, Germany
2008 Lewis Elton Gallery, Guildford, UK
2006 CircleCulture Gallery, Berlin, Germany
2001 Artcite Inc., Windsor, Canada
2001 Sixty Four Steps Contemporary Art, Toronto, Canada
2000 Sixty Four Steps Contemporary Art, Toronto, Canada
1999 Art Gallery of Windsor, Windsor, Canada
1999 Pekao Gallery, Toronto, Canada
Group Exhibitions             
2014 'Agree to Disagree - A survey on contemporary abstraction'. David Klein Gallery, Birmingham, MI USA
2013 'Synesthesia'. Red Bull House of Art, Detroit, USA
2013 'Algorithm'. Library Street Collective, Detroit, USA
2012 'Are you in the room'. SB Contemporary Art, Windsor, Canada
2004 'Freezer'. Archeus Fine Art, London, UK
2001 ‘Artwithheart’. Casey House Fundraiser Auction, Toronto, Canada
2001 ‘People From Good Homes’. Detroit, USA
2001 ‘Nightlife’. Blueprint Gallery, Toronto, Canada
2000 ‘Artseen’. Artcite, Windsor, Canada
1999 ‘Duty Free’. Detroit Contemporary, Detroit, USA
1999 ‘Cluster’. Pekao Gallery, Toronto, Canada
2011 OAC Exhibition Assistance Grant
2001 OAC Emerging Artist Grant
2001 OAC Exhibition Assistance Grant
2000 OAC Exhibition Assistance Grant
1999 OAC Exhibition Assistance Grant
2001 Windsor Star, Inside Out by John Laycock
2000 Globe & Mail, Gallery Going by Gary Michael Dault
2000 National Post, In the Galleries by Thomas Hirschmann
1999 Artpress, Detroit, The Agony and the Ecstasy by Jacqueline Caux
1999 Windsor Star, Minimalist with a twist by Craig Pearson
1999 Room Magazine. Matthew Hawtin’s less is more
1999 Windsor Star, Artistic Invasion by Craig Pearson
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