Matthew Hawtin





Scott White Contemporary Art
San Diego, CA, USA
February 25 - April 21, 2017

Allsorts is a selection of recent work by the artist, Matthew Hawtin. The name ‘Allsorts’ comes from the British candy of the same name, a mixture of liquorice sweets in varying bright colours, designs and textures. The exhibition contains examples of Matthew’s work across the Torqued Series and includes paintings on canvas, fiberglass panels and the new corner works. The show also features the first silkscreen print edition – a set of four prints that further explores the abstract frame of the ‘Torqued Paintings’ series. Although differing in materials, each series is interconnected through a similar visual dialogue, prescribing to a ‘less is more’ philosophy. The corner piece grew from the panels and the panels came from the paintings – a slow divergent evolution of ideas investigating line, shape, colour, and texture, while exploring new materials. The works sit within the historical canon of painterly abstraction, working along the boundaries of hardedge and colour-field painting and also minimalism. The sculptural nature of the works situates them across disciplines, blurring the line between painting and sculpture and also design and architecture. Matthew infuses the work with an indirect emotion and hopes the viewers can turn off to experience the works for more than a moment and stir up the veiled feelings of our daily lives. With each new work or series Matthew continually explores the nature of space, form and colour using the aesthetic language he has been developing and evolving over the past 20 years of art practice.

Allsorts | Scott White Contemporary Art | 2017