Matthew Hawtin




‘Untitled’ Cubes & Paintings

The Cubes are a further extension of the Corner Constructs (CC) and constructed from the same industrial materials. These are the insular cousins of the CC: inert, quiet and unassuming yet also specific and intriguing. The Cubes need no justification other than themselves, the space becomes part of their habitat, where they ‘sit’, just ‘being’. They were inspired from architectural detailing and were born from the ideas of the CC: investigating space through the structural and spatial intervention of forms.

The Cube paintings can be seen as studies for the 3-dimensional work and explore the relationship of the 2-D plane to 3-D space. Once again ambiguous and quiet, yet they possess a dialogue of thought between abstraction and representational space. These paintings echo the Cubes and highlight the physical nature of space and form.

Cubes 04