Matthew Hawtin




Dimensions Exhibition | London | 2019

Dimensions is a multimedia exhibition celebrating the 25th anniversary of Richie Hawtin’s iconic F.U.S.E. albums. Plus 8 Records and The Vinyl Factory are pleased to release the re-mastered albums Dimension Intrusion and Train-Tracs alongside the yet unreleased album Computer Space. Originally recorded in 1993 it completes the extended range of Hawtin’s recording persona.

The exhibition presents original artworks by the visual artist Matthew Hawtin and premiers Computer Space in an exclusive listening session prior to its official release. For the first time the visual and sonic works that mutually inspired the artists are merged to a cohesive experience for a public audience.

In the formative years of the early 1990s Richie and his brother Matthew were still living at their parents’ house in Windsor, Canada and would frequently cross the border into Detroit together to immerse themselves in the developing underground Techno scene. The electrifying energy would leave a deep impression on both of them and fuelled their creativity. While Richie explored his creative vision through music, the fine art student Matthew found his expression through painting yet they would share ideas and inspiration – Richie’s album titles Dimension Intrusion and Computer Space were both derived from Matthew’s paintings and would lend as their cover artwork.

Today the early F.U.S.E. recordings are as relevant as they were upon their initial release, when they shaped the emerging sound of Techno music. Since then Richie Hawtin has moved on to his Plastikman persona, evolving DJ shows and CLOSE live performances as well as developing music performance technologies, continuously pioneering and challenging himself and the genre of Techno. Matthew Hawtin continues to evolve his art into new areas of expression. He exhibits widely and works out of Windsor and Detroit, the place where it all began.

F.U.S.E. Dimensions

Dimensions Exhibition | London | 2019