Matthew Hawtin




Untitled, (but thoughtfully known as the sexual divide)
Artcite Inc., Windsor, Canada.

The main objective of the exhibition is to explore the idea of ‘total space’ within the gallery setting. The notion of ‘total space’ has developed out of a growing interest in architecture and design and the technical and aesthetic considerations involved. Thus all the elements within the particular space are of equal importance to each other; the paintings, the lighting and the resulting light all create an atmosphere of totality.
Essentially the gallery is split into two zones with the use of coloured fluorescent lighting. Each zone contains the divided sections of a large singular “painting” hung alternately on opposite walls. This installation is an exploration into the basics of design where balance, rhythm, repetition, colour, line and form create an overall emotional and aesthetic perceptual effect within differing zones of colour.

Total Installation includes:

8 x Fluorescent lighting fixtures
16 x 75W Daylight fluorescent tubes
Red & Blue coloured tubes
Various electrical supplies

Wall works
Various dimensions
Acrylic urethane topcoat over low-density epoxy prime over epoxy/epoxy filled canvas

Untitled @ Artcite Inc