Matthew Hawtin




Untitled, but thoughtfully known as Equivocal Love.
Sixty Four Steps Contemporary Art, Toronto.

This new work is a further development of the ‘Torqued’ painting series but in this case there is a greater emphasis on the lighting and "total" installation of the work.
The piece consists of 2 series of paintings, three angled and three curved with varying dimensions, plus 6 fluorescent fixtures, consisting of blue, yellow and red lamps each designated to a specific zone within the gallery.
The main objective of this exhibition is to further explore the technical lighting of the paintings and to develop the idea of ‘total space’ within the gallery setting. Thus all the elements within this particular space are of equal importance to each other; the paintings, the light fixtures and the resulting light all create an atmosphere of totality.
The notion of ‘total space’ has developed out of a growing interest in architecture and design and the technical and aesthetic considerations involved. The concern was how to appropriate singular works of art into an overall perceptual effect while also considering the emotional and aesthetic reactions to the different zones.

Untitled @ Sixty Four Steps