Matthew Hawtin




ĎUntitledí Corner Constructs

The Corner Constructs have evolved from the construction material of the previous work, an interest in architectural elements and a continual exploration into quantifying space.

The initial ideas were concerned with the meeting of surfaces, specifically, the (right-angled) spaces that define the volumes we inhabit. This further developed into an investigation of defining of a whole space through the installation of a set number of individual works. By installing a set of constructs in different parts of the space these will define different areas through their placement and orientation. Each piece will relate to each other, in a sequence that guides one through the space. The pieces can either be read as singular objects or as a complete installation and while the work remains static itís meaning will shift between points.

The broken line will be defined by the core of each piece and will remain constant throughout the sequence. The surface colours will associate each construct together and will change depending on its given position. Just as mouldings and wainscoting were once used to decorate and define a surface these pieces are concerned with investigating a given space through a broken transmission of forms.

Untitled Corner Constructs