Matthew Hawtin




min2MAX | Exhibition

MINUS returns with a new compilation simply titled ‘min2MAX’. The package is conceptually connected and musically collected by the eyes and ears of Minus bringing together a variety of dynamic music through a creative index of outlets. The sound of the collection features all new and exclusive material from established Minus artists. Fourteen new musical works collected, all connected by shared inspirations, international friendships and unique reactions towards dance music, assembling the minimal sound of ‘min2MAX’. As part of the ‘min2MAX‘ release, Matthew Hawtin will be releasing a limited edition print packaged within the vinyl edition. Entitled ‘Spatial Study’ the print is a companion piece to a brand new solo exhibition of his artwork at the Circleculture Gallery in Berlin. The min2MAX|Exhibition opening will be held at Circleculture Gallery on April 28th (open to the public) and will be on display until June 9.

For the Berlin min2MAX|Exhibition, Matthew continues to develop his visual language by investigating the concept of cubic space. The show will feature artwork that has been created to investigate specific spaces within a space and gallery. He’s concerned with the way each form interacts with one other and the total space; how forms can become imbedded perhaps becoming structural analogies in their own right. By taking a minimal form and maximizing it’s potential, Matthew is producing visual work that compliments the melodic structures of electronic music.

Circleculture Gallery
Gipsstrasse 11
Berlin Mitte

min2MAX | Berlin Exhibition